1. Online store sale We hope that all the products you purchase from SYMBOLLIA 9403-8472 Quebec inc are to your complete satisfaction. Each sale is under the refund sales policy with proof of purchase within 30 days of the date of purchase if the product has not been worn and still has its original tags. SYMBOLLIA 9403-8472 Quebec inc reserves the right to cancel any order without notice for reasons of out of stock, detection of electronic fraud or other. 2. LEGAL GUARANTEE 2.1. The Civil Code of Quebec, RLLQ c CCQ-1991 and the Consumer Protection Act, RLRQ c P-40.1 provide legal guarantees relating in particular to hidden defects as well as to the use of goods sold. These legal guarantees apply to this sale. 3. USE & COMMUNICATIONS OF PERSONAL INFORMATION. 3.1. Only employees and duly authorized representatives of the seller (all those working in the sale or marketing of products and services for the seller) may have access to your file in the strict exercise of their functions. 3.2. The purchaser has the right to have access to his personal information contained in his file. If the buyer wishes to have access to the information contained in his file, request a correction or cancellation of the file held by the seller or that his name be removed from the list of the seller's customers or make a complaint or request for an investigation, this one must write to the mail address of the Customer Service either 4. POSSIBLE DISPUTES In case of difficulties in the application of the present, the buyer has the possibility, before any legal action, to seek an amicable solution, in particular with any adviser of his choice. 5. SALES TAXES Buyer agrees to pay Seller taxes payable in respect of any item that is the subject of an order. 6. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY 6.1., SYMBOLLIA 9403-8472 Québec inc its related companies, officers, employees, representatives or agents can in no way be held responsible for any damage directly or indirectly related to the use of, in particular the loss of data or profit arising from the use of the elements of or the inability to use such elements. In the event that SYMBOLLIA 9403-8472 Quebec inc. May be held liable for you, it will be limited to an amount of money equivalent to the price you paid for the returned products. Notwithstanding the foregoing, nothing in this article may have the effect of limiting any right that you may have as a consumer under any of the laws of public order that may be applicable in your case. . Any person linked to SYMBOLLIA 9403-8472 Québec inc within the meaning of the Income Tax Act, RSC 1985, c 1 (5th suppl), its directors, officers, employees and representatives or agents may in no case be held responsible for any damage directly or indirectly related to the use of, in particular the loss of data or profit resulting from the use of elements of or the inability to use these elements.