What is Pet Memorial Jewelry?

Pet memorial jewelry

How do you memorialize a pet?

Losing a pet is an extremely sad and emotional time. Throughout their time with you, pets quickly become a member of the family, and the loss of a pet feels similar to the loss of a loved one.

In order to deal with these often overwhelming emotions and the sadness that can follow from a pet's death, many individuals choose to memorialize their pets in some way. There are numerous ways in which you can memorialize a pet and no one way is best.

Whilst some choose to take on a more DIY project and collate a memory box to memorialize their pets, others seek out the help of professionals who can transform their pet’s ashes into pet cremation jewelry or customize a piece of jewelry to remember their pet by. No matter how a person chooses to keep their pet in their memory and honor their lives, it should be personal and have specific meaning to the individual.

Different ways to memorialize your pet

Pet funeral

Arranging a funeral is a brilliant way to create an event that honors, remembers and memorializes your pet. You can gather the people who loved your pet the most and share memories that will help you deal with your grief.

Pet jewelry

Visiting a jewelry shop to browse their collection of cremation jewelry is often a cathartic process that brings with it a piece of jewelry that can stay with you forever. Whether you invest in a pendant, a gold urn necklace, or a sterling silver charm, you can find something that is meaningful to you to keep the memory of your pet alive.

Memorial stone

A memorial stone is similar to a gravestone but is often preferred for pets as it is small enough to be displayed in a garden. These memorial stones often include an engraving of a paw print for a dog or cat that has passed away and the date of their birth and death. Some also allow you to place a picture within the stone which can be displayed inside or outside, whichever you prefer.

Memorial portraits

Commissioning a painting or a portrait of your pet is a beautiful way to remember them. Whilst a photo will always have great meaning to you, a portrait can capture their essence in a way that a picture cannot. You can include embellishments to a portrait that adds additional meaning as their personality and relationship with you is perfectly captured.

What is pet memorial jewelry?

 One of the most common forms of pet memorialization is pet memorial jewelry. Pet memorial jewelry has become an increasingly popular way for individuals to keep the memory of their pet alive in a personal and meaningful way.

There are a few different options when it comes to pet memorial jewelry. One key type of pet memorial jewelry is known as cremation jewelry. Cremation jewelry is an innovative form of jewelry that incorporates your pets ashes into the jewelry itself.

The options for cremation jewelry really are endless, as you can get whatever feels right for you. You can choose to get your pet's ashes placed inside a ring, locket, charm, pendant or even a pet memorial bracelet.

Alternatively, if you do not want to include your pet’s ashes in your jewelry, there are other forms of personalized pet memorial jewelry that you can look into. In addition to cremation jewelry, another common form of pet loss jewelry is something simple that reflects your relationship with your pet.

Similarly to cremation jewelry, personalized pet jewelry comes in many different forms. You can get something simple like a paw print necklace, small cremation urn, or a memorial keychain. However, you can also opt for something with more of a spiritual meaning to you, such as a piece of jewelry with a stone that reflects your cats or dogs energy.

What are the best pieces of pet memorial jewelry ?

There are numerous ways in which an individual can memorialize their pet. Just as everyone has their own specific relationship with their pet, everyone will have their own way of keeping their pets alive in their memory. The vast and varying types of jewelry cater to these specific and special relationships, but it can still be difficult to know what to get to memorialize your pet.

Here are some of the best pieces of pet memorial jewelry to help you decide:

Cremation Urn jewelry

Funeral urn jewelry is one of the most popular forms of memorial jewelry. They are a direct form of cremation jewelry that can hold a small part of your pet. This form of memorial jewelry comes in a plethora of different designs, depending on what you want.

In addition, they can come in a variety of different materials; there are sterling silver options, bronze options, gold options, options with diamonds worked into them, etc. As there are so many different types of funeral urn jewelry, you can choose something that best reflects your pet.

Funeral urn jewelry usually
comes in the form of an urn-shaped charm on a necklace, meaning you can always hold your pet close to your heart. Wearing urn cremation jewelry is therefore a brilliant way to memorialize your pet if you want to keep them with you every day.

Cremation glass jewelry

Glass jewelry is one of the most beautiful forms of cremation jewelry. Similarly to all other jewelry collections, the designs and varieties of glass cremation jewelry are vast and impressive, meaning you will certainly be able to find something that you love at a price that works for you.

Most glass cremation jewelry comes in the form of a necklace. A charm made of glass will be attached to the necklace, with whatever design you wish within. If you lost a dog, you could have a paw print embedded within the charm, if you had a bird, you could have a bird or some wings embedded within the charm.

The flexibility with design means you can create a piece of jewelry with depth and meaning to you. Moreover, if you wish, you can get your pet’s ashes directly incorporated into the glass to make it extra special and personal.

Cremation jewelry with flowers

Flowers often have a special meaning to people who are often directly related to the memory of a loved one or a pet. Therefore, cremation jewelry with flowers is a popular option for individuals wanting to remember their pet.

This form of cremation jewelry is again made from glass, and comes in the form of a charm which can be attached to a necklace. However, if necklaces aren’t your thing, you can have a touchstone created. A touchstone is simply a small glass stone with the flower included in the middle which works as a tactile form of comfort for many.

No matter how you choose to memorialize your pet, ensure you choose something that has meaning to you. The overwhelming grief that can consume you after the death of a pet might make this decision difficult in the immediate aftermath of your pet's death. Therefore, take the time you need to view as many different collections as possible until you find the perfect piece of jewelry to honor your beloved pet.

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